High-Performance GNB 11.4V 300mAh 80C 3S XT30 Plug LiPo Battery

In the realm of modern technology, drones have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Whether as recreational tools or professional photography equipment, the flight performance and endurance of drones are increasingly crucial. Within this field, batteries, serving as the “heart” of drones, play a vital role. Today, I am excited to introduce a highly esteemed battery product – the GNB 11.4V 300mAh 80C 3S XT30 Plug LiPo Battery – a power source that offers sustained and stable support for your URUAV UR85, UR85HD, Mobula7 HD, Sailfly X, and other drones.

Impressive Performance Specifications
First and foremost, let’s delve into the performance specifications of this GNB battery. With a rated voltage of 11.4V, a battery capacity of 300mAh, and an astonishing 80C discharge rate, these figures highlight the battery’s formidable performance. The high discharge rate of this battery ensures a consistent output of current during flight, delivering exceptional power performance for your drone. Despite its relatively compact 300mAh battery capacity, its lightweight design contributes to longer flight times, allowing you to relish extended flying experiences.

Advanced Technology Integration
As a reputable battery manufacturer, GNB has incorporated advanced technology into this battery product. The XT30 plug design not only facilitates swift connections but also effectively reduces connection resistance between the battery and the drone, enhancing energy transfer efficiency. Furthermore, this battery employs cutting-edge lithium polymer technology to ensure high energy density and outstanding cycle life, enabling your drone to maintain stable performance over extended periods.

Safety and Reliability
Safety is paramount during drone flight, and the GNB 11.4V 300mAh 80C 3S battery prioritizes this aspect as well. It comes equipped with multiple protection mechanisms, including overcharging, over-discharging, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection, substantially mitigating the risks of battery damage and unforeseen accidents. This feature grants you the freedom to enjoy flying without undue concerns about battery safety.

Extensive Compatibility
This GNB battery boasts widespread compatibility, suitable for numerous drone models such as URUAV UR85, UR85HD, Mobula7 HD, Sailfly X, and more. This makes it an incredibly practical battery choice, catering to various drone requirements while providing stable energy support for your flying equipment.

In conclusion, the GNB 11.4V 300mAh 80C 3S XT30 Plug LiPo Battery undeniably stands out as an impressive battery product. Its robust performance specifications, integration of advanced technology, safety-conscious design, and broad compatibility make it an ideal choice for enhancing drone flight performance. If you are seeking a high-performance battery with enduring endurance, I strongly recommend considering the GNB 11.4V 300mAh 80C 3S battery, as it will infuse your flying experience with boundless enjoyment and confidence.

Drone technology is continually evolving, and exceptional battery products are pivotal in propelling this progress. Choose GNB, choose an outstanding flight experience!


FLY WING FW200 1110 - High-Performance GNB 11.4V 300mAh 80C 3S XT30 Plug LiPo Battery