RC Airplanes

Zeta Sky Observer RC Airplane

Zeta Sky Observer Features

Removable main wings.
Materials: EPO foam, 3K wrapped carbon fiber rods and wood frame cockpit.
Pre-cut slot on the wing for extra carbon rods if you want to stiffen the wing.
Two carbon tube installed as wing reinforcement.
Unique elevator design. (Big and small elevator control surface.)
Optional flaps setup.
Plenty of space for electronics and FPV equipment.

Zeta Sky Observer Specs

Item name: ZETA Sky Observer
Length: 405mm
Wingspan: 2000mm
Type: Airplane,FPV wing
Flight weight (AUW): 2500-3000g
Action Time: 30mins
State of Assembly: Almost Ready
Color: White
Remote Distance: 1000m
Controller Battery: Lipo battery
Plugs Type: T plugs for ESC
Charging Voltage: 14.8v
Material: EPO foam
Control Channels: 7 Channels

Zeta Sky Observer Price

Banggood Price:US$169.99