RC Helicopters

XLPOWER Wraith E 760 Helicopter

XLPOWER Wraith E 760 Helicopter
•720-760mm main rotor (not included)
•105-115mm tail rotor (not included)
• 10.6:1:5 gear ratio
• It is convenient and quick to disassemble the battery plate without removing the hood
•15mm reinforced spindle

Length: 1,559 mm (Earnest)
Width: 188 mm (Earnest)
Wheight: 379 mm
Main rotor blades: 700 mm-760 mm
Tail rotor blades: 105 mm-115 mm
Motor pinion: 10 T included / 11 T optional
Main gear: 106 T
Tail Pinion: 16 T
Front Pulley: 80 T
Main to tail gear ratio: 10.6
Main Shaft Diameter: 15 mm
Feathering Shaft Diameter: 10 mm
Tail Boom Diameter: 27 mm