RC Helicopters

XLPower MSH PROTOS 700X RC Helicopter

XLPower MSH PROTOS 700X RC Helicopter
Main rotor diameter:1577mm (700mm blades)
Tail rotor diameter:286mm (105mm tail blades)
Length without main blade:1371mm
Length with main blade:1757mm (700mm blades)
Overall height:365mm
Tail rotor-Main rotor ratio:4,766
Main pulley:190T
Autorotation pulley:143T
Tail pulley:30T

Operate the helicopter in open areas with no people nearby

Do NOT operate the helicopter in the following places and situations(or else you risk severe accidents):
-in places where children gather or people pass through
-in residential areas and parks
-indoors and in limited space
-in windys weather or when there is rain, snow, fog or other
If you do not observe these instructions you may be held liable for personal injury or property damageAlways check the R/C system prior to operating your helicopter.
When the R/C system batteries get weaker, the operational range of the R/C system decreases
Note that you may lose control of your model when operating it under such conditions
Keep in mind that other people around you might also be operating a R/C model.
Never useuency which someone else is using at the same time
Radio signals will be mixed and you will lose control of your model

If the model shows irregular behavior, bring the model to a halt immediately and disconnect the batteries.
Do not operate the model again as long as the problem is not solved, as this may lead to further trouble and unforeseen accident

In order to prevent accidents and personal injury, be sure to observe the following:
Before flying the helicopter, ensure that all screws are tightened
A single loose screw may cause a major accident
Replace all broken or defective parts with new ones, as damaged parts lead to crashes
Never approach a spinning rotor. Keep at leastters/yards away from a spinning rotor blades
Do not touch the motor immediately after usebe hot enough to cause burns.
Perform all necessary maintenance
Operate the helicopter only outdoors and out of peoples reach as the main rotor operates at high rpm!
While adjusting, stand at least 10 meter
Novice R/C helicopter pilots should always seek advice from experienced pilots to obtain hints with assemblynd for pre-fight adjustments.
Note that a badly assembled or insufficiently adjusted helicopter is a safety hazard.
In the beginning, novice R/copter pilots should always be assisted by an experienced pilotand never fly alone!


FLY WING FW200 1110 - XLPower MSH PROTOS 700X RC Helicopter