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X-uav Mini Talon EPO 1300mm RC Aircraft

X-uav Mini Talon Features

Its smaller size is great for packing with you on your favorite FPV safari.
The Mini Talon FPV V-tail Drone is the new little brother of the popular Talon FPV plane.
Low wing loading.
Runs on 4S 14.8V 10,000mAh LiPoly battery, long flight times.
Kit – All assembly and equipment installation required
Generous fuselage compartment with large top hatch allows you to access your FPV equipment and flight battery in any configuration you choose. It is an open canvas for your FPV needs.
Laser cut plywood motor mount and wing saddle frame
Moulded EPO airframe
Large fuselage compartment accommodates many battery and equipment configurations.
Mono-wheel landing gear protects bottom of fuselage
Two Piece plug in wings with carbon wing tube

X-uav Mini Talon Specs

Item:Mini Talon Kit
Length: 830mm
Wingspan: 1300mm
Note:Electronics Kit Supplied
Flying Weight: 1000g-2000g

X-uav Mini Talon Price

Banggood Price:US$77.69