RC Airplanes

X-UAV Clouds RC Airplane

X-UAV Clouds Features

Light weight,large load,strong structure,long voyage.
Use durable white EPO foam material
The aircraft can be disassembled,which is convenient for carrying out the work.
Simple and easy to use,easy to throw off,can also take off the landslide.gliding parachute landing.

X-UAV Clouds Specs

Brand Name: X-UAV
Item Name: Clouds
Height: 260mm
Overall Length: 960mm
V-Tail: Removable
Wings: Removable
Take-off: Throw ejected
Mission Payloads: 60-1200g
Cruising Speed: 50-80km/h
Elevation: 6000m
Material: EPO
Cruise Time: 1.5-3h
Spacecraft ca: 7R/RX1
Anti-wind Grade: LV.6
Landing: Downhill or parachute

X-UAV Clouds Price

Banggood Price:US$178.57