RC Quadcopters

WX777 RC Quadcopter

WX777 RC Quadcopter
Product Name: UFO RC Quadrocopter
Suitable for: Above 3 years
Material: Plastic/electronic components
Color: Blue/Red(Optional)
Using Time: About 5-8 mins
Charging Time: About 45 minutes
Control Distance: About 50-70m
Product Size: 11*11cm
Package Size: 21*5.8*14cm
Package Weight: 135g

1. Flight switch
Pull the aircraft switch to FM to flight mode, and to GM to ground gyro mode.
Pull the power switch to 0FF to shut down or charge.
2. Turn on the remote control
Pull the remote control switch to ON, the remote control indicator is always on, and the remote control turns on normally.
3. When the switch is in the FM position, the main body light shines, and the light on the ground stops flashing. Turn on the remote control switch to start operation.
4. The remote control operates the picture.
5. In the ground mode, press the remote control to turn left and right to start the ground spinning top game.
6. Flight display mode
After the flight is stable, press and hold the remote control to rotate left and right, the aircraft will rotate rapidly, and a color pattern will appear at the bottom for 3-5 seconds to automatically switch patterns.
7. One-key demonstration, automatically circling any key of 2 rolls to return.
8. Fine tuning
Press the arrow keys continuously to adjust the flight direction.
9. Calibration
Turn on the camera to stop flashing and turn it over 180 degrees and lay it flat on the ground. Wait for the light to flash and then turn it back at 180 degrees. After the flashing stops, the calibration is completed.


FLY WING FW200 1110 - WX777 RC Quadcopter