RC Quadcopters

WINGSLAND X1 RC Quadcopter

wingsland x1 Features

Indoor Hovering: The X1 is able to hover indoor accurately with the optical flow positioning system.
Experience the racing speed: WINGSLAND X1 FPV racing drone arms to make drone racing popular, just for everyone.
Intelligent Functions: 360°flipping fancy aerobatics.
Cross Through, 15°: Adjustable Camera Angle: Up 15° , be a racing FPV pro. Down 15°, capture the shining moment in life.
Professional Flight Control System: The accurate and professional flight control system was based on years of research and development by WINGSLAND
Infinity of Fun: Accessories can be added to extend the playability of the aircraft through the extension port.
Magnificent Moment: The HD digital transmission helps you to seize the moment.
Safe and Durable: The propeller guards and the composite aircraft body material ensure you an ultra safe fight.
Small and Portable: The aircraft is only 70g, easy to carry.
Unique & Colorful: Find your own style among the unique multiple color options and DIY stickers
Simple Maintenance: The modular body design simplifies the repair and maintenance
R6 Remote Controller: The X1 is compatible with the WINGSLAND R6 controller, which helps you to control the flight accuratel.
Controlled by cellphone’s devices: WINGSLAND customized APP allows you to control your drone in an easy, flexible and effective way.

wingsland x1 Specs

Item NO.: X1
Item Name: WINGSLAND X1 Mini FPV RC quadcopter
Weight: 70g (include battery)
Diagonal Distance: 120mm
Max Descent Speed: 0.6m/s
Max Ascend Speed: 1m/s
Hover Accuracy: +0.5m (Optical Flow Sensor)
Max Tilt Angle: 30°
Maximum Flight Ranges: 100m
Maximum Flight Time: 7 mins
Quadcopter’s size: 165*58*70mm(Folded) 165*97*70mm(Unfolded)
Altitude Ranges: 0~ 4000m
Operating Temperature Ranges: 5°C ~ 40°C
Support APP: Android 5.0 or later iOS9.0 or later


Banggood Price:US$46.99