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Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal For iLook/GoPro Hero 3 Camera

Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal For iLook/GoPro Hero 3 Camera on Walkera QR X350 Pro RC Quadcopter Spare Parts

Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal Features

  • High precision,hyper stable designed for aerial photographers extraordinarily
  • Regular receiver accepted
  • Support initial roll and tilt customed
  • Support iLook/Gopro Hero 3
  • Power voltage compensation available
  • iLook,iLook+,Gopro 3 camera AV line out
  • Designed in high intensive, light and agility,easy to use support super stable aerial photography.
  • Support stick rate mode and position mode
  • Support 350 size and above drones to shooting videos.
  • Support motor drive side short circuit protection

Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal Specs

  • Frenquency: 2000Hz
  • Opetating temperature: -15℃-65℃
  • Sensor technology: 3-axis MEMS gyro and accelerometer
  • Opetating current: 200mA-500mA(depends on the motor power and voltage supplied)
  • Max angular rate: 2000°/sec
  • Operating voltage: recommended 12V,3S Lipo battery)
  • Max acceleration: 16g
  • Control range: -45°-45°(roll)/-135°-90°(tilt)
  • Control accuracy: 0.1°
  • Program online update available (UP02 and UP02 adaptor requested)
  • Weight: 120g(Camera not included)
  • Package weight: 267g / 9.4oz
  • Motor driven frequency: 46 KHz(no noise smoothing drive)
  • Size: 105mm * 95mm * 95mm(L*W*H)
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Last Updated Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal price:$63.99

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