Tarot TL280H 280mm Semi-carbon FPV Racer Frame Kit

Tarot TL280H Frame Kit Specs

  • Brand name:Tarot
  • Item name:TL280H 280mm Through Frame Kit
  • Wheelbase: 280MM
  • Empty Weight: 143G
  • Empty rack height/assembly height: 90.4MM
  • Empty frame length/Total Length: 220MM/340MM
  • Empty frame width/assembly width: 252MM/370MM

Tarot TL280H Frame Kit Price

  • Last updated Tarot TL280H Frame Kit price at Banggood: US$31.80

Recommend parts (package not include)

  • ESC: 12A
  • Motor: 2204KV
  • Battery:11.1V/2200MAH
  • Propeller: 6 inch 3 leaves
  • Note that the battery Dimensions: Length 70-120MM/width 37MM/height 27.5MM

Package Included

  • 1 X JST plug
  • 1 X XT60 plug
  • 1 X Battery Ties
  • 1 X English manual
  • 1 X Through the body
  • 2 X 70MM steering line
  • 1 X Battery Magic sticky

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FLY WING FW200 1110 - Tarot TL280H 280mm Semi-carbon FPV Racer Frame Kit