RC Airplanes

TAFT CAP 232EX RC Airplane Kit – Blue

TAFT CAP 232EX Features

With flaps for better handling.
Optimized aerodynamic fuselage combined with the Aura 8 to bring the Cap 232’s flight performance to the Flex Innovations standard. The entire fuselage and wing are reinforced with carbon rods to ensure a lightweight and sturdy body that provides a reliable guarantee for stable 3D aerobatics and smooth and precise flight.
Pre-programmed Aura 8 FW v1.5 + advanced flight control system.

TAFT CAP 232EX Specs

Model: TAFT CAP 232EX
Length: 1479mm
Wingspan: 1531mm
Color: Blue
Wing area: 792 sq in
Motor: 5052 500KV
Battery: 3500mAh-5200mah 22.2V 6-cell 35C Li-Po
Servo: 4pcs 33g HV Digital and metal gear servos
Transmitter: 6CH

TAFT CAP 232EX Price

Banggood Price:US$179.99