RC Airplanes

Sonicmodell Skyhunter Racing 787mm RC Airplane

Sonicmodell Skyhunter Racing Features

New Crash Absorption system, main wing will detach automatically in a crash, thus to protect the it from breaking.
Crash resistance EPP material, easy to repair even in hard crash.
Racing style flag decal, with different color and numbers for racing competition.
Traditional twin-boom tail design makes it fly super stable and agile
Small portable size for easy carry and take to anywhere
Designed for FPV Racing, agile and stable flying ability even in small area like park / underground parking garage
Super big room inside fuselage for more FPV gear and big battery
Multiple camera mount for different FPV / HD camera in the market
Work with the same motor / ESC / prop / camera from racing quads, exchangeable easily
Easy to hand-launch by yourself without any help
With CG bumps under wings for each finger touch

Sonicmodell Skyhunter Racing Specs

Item Name: Skyhunter Racing
Length: 548mm (21.57”)
Wingspan: 787mm (30.98”)
Wing load: 59g/dm2(Max.)
Wing area: 8.1dm2

Sonicmodell Skyhunter Racing Price

Banggood Price:US$58.72