RC Airplanes

Skywalker Titan 2160mm Wingspan RC Airplane KIT

Something new from Skywalker model. The Skywalker Titan 2160mm RC Plane is another V-tail design after Skywalker Naja. Also, it is new twin-motor aircraft after Skywalker EVE-2000 and WALL-E2000. The Skywalker Titan is with excellent aerodynamic layout and efficient flight stability, very suitable for aerial survey.

* Adopted EPO material, light and sturdy.
* Reasonable layout, high aerodynamic performance.
* Large capacity cabin, reasonable area distribution,such as parachute cabin, camera slot, GPS and other professional platform.
* Stable and flexible flying.
* Module design, disassemble and assemble easily and conveniently.
* Special winglet design, small resistance, long range, precise operation

Brand: Skywalker
Model: Titan
Material: EPO
Wingspan: 2160mm
Fuselage: 1230mm
Wing Area: 52.5dm2
Flying Weight: 4500-6000g
Take-off Way: Hand cast, Launch
Landing Way: Glide down
CG: 110-115mm backward from the wings leading edge