FPV Racing Drones

SENT5 FPV Racing Drone

SENT5 FPV Racing Drone
Model: SENT5
Item Name: 227mm F7 5 Inch 3-6S FPV Racing Drone
Optinal Version: Without DJI Air Unit / DJI Air Unit Included
Drone Net Weight: 326.5g
SENT5 220mm Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 227mm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Upper Plate Thickness: 2mm
Bottom Plate Thickness: 3m
Arm Plate Thickness: 5mm
Inner Standoff Height: 35mm
Frame Weight: 65g
– Support 20x20mm & 30.5×30.5mm Stack
– Support 5-5.1 Inch Propeller
SupraF7BT F7 Bluetooth Flight Controller
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Brand Name: AuroraRC
Model: SupraF7BT
Item Name: F7 Bluetooth Flight Controller AIO OSD BEC
Input Voltage: 3-6S

Main Control Chip: STM32F722RET6216MHz
Gyroscope: MPU6000 gyroscope (SPI)
Barometer: None
OSD Chip: AT7456E
Black Box: None
LED Programming: Support
BB Sound: Support
I2C Interface: support
BEC-1: 5V/2A
BEC-2: 9V/3A
Serial Control Port: six channels (UART1, UART2, UART3, UART4, UART5, UART6)
Bluetooth: Support (port UART4, baud rate 115200, named SUPRAF7BT)
Firmware: Betafligt JHEF7DUAL.HEX
Conversion of hole position and shock-absorbing ball hole position: 20*20mm, φ3mm
Size: 30x27mm ( Mounting Hole: 20x20mm)
Weight: 8g
40A BLheli_32 4in1 ESC
Model: BLHELI _32-40A
Burst Currernt: 60A
Input Voltage: 3-6S Lipo
BEC Output: NO
ESC Programming: BLHeliSuite32
Input Wires: Red 14AWG 100mm ; Black 14AWG 100mm
Output Wires: NO Wires but solder tabs
Input Connectors: XT60 Plug enclosed with package
Mounting Hole: 20x20mm M2 and M3
Application: for 100-300mm FPVs
-Support Oneshot42, Oneshot125, DShot150/300/600/1200
RCINpower GTS 2207 V2 1860KV 3-6S Motor
Brand Name: RCINpower
Model: GTS 2207 V2
Item Name: 2207 1860KV 3-6S Brushless Motor
Color: Titanium
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Gemfan 51466 3-Blade Propeller
Brand Name: Gemfan
Item Name: 51466 5.1 Inch 3-Blade Propeller
Size: 51
Gradient: 46.6
Material: polycarbonate
Quantity: 4 CW & 4 CCW
Color: Transparent Grey
DJI Air Unit Included Verion
Include DJI Air Unit Module
– ( Built-in DJI Receiver)
DJI Air Unit NOT Included Version
NOT Include DJI Air Unit
NO FPV Transmitter
NO FPV Camera
Recommend Lipo Battery ( NOT Included) Recommend 3S 11.1V- 6S 25.2V 800-1300mAh 80-120C Lipo Battery


FLY WING FW200 1110 - SENT5 FPV Racing Drone