RC Quadcopters

RL Y535 RC Drone Quadcopter

RL Y535 RC Drone Quadcopter
Brand Name: RL
Item NO.: Y535
Material: High Toughness and Explosion-Proof ABS, Electronic Components
Color: Black, Gray (Optional)
Quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh Lipo (Included)
Flying Time: About 30mins
Charging Time: About 90mins
Remote Control Mode: Handle/Mobile Phone Control
Remote Control Battery: 3 x AA Battery (NOT Included)
Remote Control Distance: About 500m
FPV: 5G WiFi
Camera: 4K ESC 120°Wide Angle
Positioning System: GPS + Optical Flow Positioning
Quadcopter Expand Size: 24x24x5.5cm
Quadcopter Folded Size: 9x12x5.5cm
Flying Weight: 145g

– With Foldable and portable design, the drone is easy to carry.
– With 5G wifi function can be connected APP, APK system to take pictures, video, real-time transmission through the phone camera image.
– 4K HD ESC camera, support remote control of 90°, 120°super wide angle shooting range.
– Dual Camera Switching. Switch to the lens that at the bottom of the drone through the remote control,and switch the perspective of the aerial shot with one button to bring more perspective experience.
– HD digital image transmission system,strong anti-interference and 500 meters distance transmission.
– GPS statellite positioning,can be accurately return to the starting points,make it easier to control and avoid losing contact.
– Flow Positioning. Optical flow positioning,fixed point height,and it can shoot more easily and steadily indoor.
– Altitude Hold Mode. The quadcopter can hover in the air stably,make the shooting easier.
– Point of Interest.Select a center point, set the flight height and radius,and the drone will automatically fly 360°around the interest point.
– Human Figure Following. Lock the human figure,the drone will automatically lock the target.
– Headless Mode. With the direction of remote control as the center to control the flight which will no longer easily lost.
– Gesture Control. The shooting/video/flight direction of the drone can be controlled by gestures,which simplifies the complexity and it easy to control.
– 2000mAh intelligent lithium battery, 30 minutes of ultra-long battery life.
– Equipped with high brightness LED Light, illuminate the road for your drone.
– 6-axis gyroscope, with gyroscope calibration function, stuck protection, low power protection.
– The quadcopter fuselage is made of high strength and resistant engineering plastics,lightweight and durable resistance.