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RadioLink 2.4G 6CH DSSS R6DII Dual Mode Output Receiver

RadioLink 2.4G 6CH DSSS R6DII PPM PWM Dual Mode Output Receiver For AT9 AT10

RadioLink 2.4G 6CH DSSS R6DII Receiver Features

  • Small size and more light weight,easy installation.
  • Upgraded version, with more strong anti interference, signal will be more stable
  • One single cable connect with the flight controller, easy setting.
  • PPM Output: CH1 output PPM signal for 10 channels,and channel 2 to channel 6 output independent
  • PWM signal simultaneously.
  • PWM Output: 6ch simultaneous output PWM signal
  • All channels simultaneously fast response in 3ms.
  • Specially used for light drones, compatible with all flight controllers such as DJI NAZA, ZERO TECH,
  • PIX, APM, MINI APM, NAZE32, and CC3D etc.
  • DSSS act perfect on anti interference, especially on 433 and graph transmission

RadioLink 2.4G 6CH DSSS R6DII Receiver Specs

  • Channel: Red LED indicator is for PWM mode. Blue LED for PPM, can be extended to 10channels
  • Control Range: 600m
  • Power Input: 6V
  • Operating Current: 38-45mA (Input voltage: 5V)
  • Resolution: 4096
  • Dimension: 38×16×11mm
  • Weight: 3.7g
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Last Updated RadioLink R6DII Receiver price:$11.99

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