RC Helicopters

OMPHOBBY M2 EXP 6CH 3D Flybarless Dual RC Helicopter


Original M2 Power
Adjustable Flight Control Parameters
High Performance

Six Core Advantages
Adjustable Flight Controller Parameters
Dual Brushless Direct Drive
High-performance 3d Flight
High precision
low Noise
Easily Maintained

High Performance
Excellent Experience
M2 Explore inherits the high performance of the original
M2 version. Sunnysky and OMPHOBBY have always
used the highest quality materials, with dedicated
workmanship the M2 Explore is no different. The R&D
team aims at reducing the purchase cost for enthusiasts
without losing performance – This is the M2 Explore.

All new R& D design
M2 Explore is a high-quality product created by the OMPHOBBY R&D team for helicopter enthusiasts.Its compact size is suitable for indoor flexible flight and outdoor violent flight.9 Mins Flight Time|4 Mins 3D Flight Time

Integrated,Dual Brushless ESC,Flight Controller And Receiver
The dual ESC’s are improved using high-quality MOSFET’s with lower internal resistance,enhancing the flight characteristics even further.The built-in official receiver supports s-bus and DSM/X satellites.The flight controller has three built-in flight modes:stabilizing attitude, soft 3D and violet 3D.While in 3D mode you can quickly switch to attitude mode.The flight controller also has fully adjustable parameters including gyro sensitivity,rates,gain and servo mid-point position / collective.


Product Parameters
Main Motor:SunnySky V4
Main Rotor Diameter:400 mm
Tail Motor:SunnySky RI
Tail Rotor Diameter:71 mm
Flying weight:Approx.306g
Battery: 11.1V 650 mAh 45C(Installed in Helicopter)
Flight Time:Maximum flight time 9 mins
4 mins for extreme 3D maneuvers
Servo: 10g 5V 0.08sec/
Polycarbonate cased,all metal gear,high-performance servos
Flight Controller: Receiver ports for s.Bus DSM DSMX futabas receiver

Helicopter Munual: click here

BNF Package Includes:
Helicopter x1
EPP Box x1
Battery x1(Installed in helicopter)
Servo Hornsx3
Several Spare Screws
Main Shaft x1
Cross Shaft x1


FLY WING FW200 1110 - OMPHOBBY M2 EXP 6CH 3D Flybarless Dual RC Helicopter