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MyFlyDream MFD Nimbus RC Airplane

MyFlyDream MFD Nimbus Features

The wing and the head cover are connected by double hook forms,very convenient to use.
Quick disassembly design,extremely convenient to disassemble and carry.
With PCB,the pin of the camera and the airspeed have been connected,just need to simply plug the cable.
The carbon tube has been extended to three quarters of the wing,great wing strength.
Battery compartment can hold max 6S 16000mAh lipo battery,long flight endurance.
All interfaces for flight controller channels and expansion modules are reserved.
Comes with 4 servos,2 pcs 17g servos and 2 pcs 9g servos.

MyFlyDream MFD Nimbus Specs

Brand Name: MyFlyDream (MFD)
Item Name: Nimbus
Length: 1300mm
Wingspan: 1800mm
Max. Flying Height: 3500m
Servo: 17g*2 + 9g*2
Max. Take-off Weight: 5.5kg
Max. Flying Speed: 140km/h
Max. Endurance: 1.5-2.5h
Max. Payload: 1.5kg
SD Image Transmission Effective Range: >10km

MyFlyDream MFD Nimbus Price

Banggood Price:US$309.99