MJX X101 X-Seriies Drone

The MJX X101 with new camera to deliver better photographing experience for players, we create 3 options(3 different FPV camera devices) for this model. Any of the 3 cameras could be installed onto X101. The unique MJX Shock Absorption Cradle Head coordinates the camera to deliver smooth and steady frames to players. After installed with camera #C4008, connect the mobile device with camera, players can enjoy the most perfect images quality through the MJX FPV APP.

MJX X101 the headless mode adopted the latest Automatic Identification remote control technology, the quadcopter can be easily got back under headless mode. With the remote control positining system, the quadcopter can automatically locate the remote control. When flying under headless mode, press one-key return button, the qucdcopter will return automatically.

When the X101 is flying up to 3 meters high, silde the NORM/PRO switch to the “PRO” postion. There are tow ways available to achieve the 3D Roll action:

  1. Press the 3D roll function button, the quad-copter will automatically roll forward.
  2. Push the throttle control stick to the top, then, push the roll action stick to the limit of any rolling direction(forward/bacward/left/right), the copter will perform the roll action accordingly, loosen the roll control stick right away and slightly push down the throttle control sitck once roll action is inished.

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FLY WING FW200 1110 - MJX X101 X-Seriies Drone