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JUMPER 260 Brushless Gimbal Drone

JUMPER 260 258mm Frame With Brushless 1 Axis Gimbal Quadcopter ARF.Jumper 260 is designed for enthusiasts design, lightweight, high performance, adequate power, whether fpv or 3D flying by very good performance. Its simple installation and maintenance, even outside the field of maintenance work can be completed.

JUMPER 260 integrated in the aircraft flight control center plate, line and simple, reliable (naze32 6dof). 260 also introduces a single-axis brushless creative head at high speed, big moves FPV, to provide a more stable picture to improve controller’s judgment, adding to the fun of FPV flying safer. ESC part using jumper 218pro developed specifically for the ESC 20A BLHeli firmware, and is designed to 2mm banana pluggable easy disassembly structure.

Jumper 260 Specifications:

  • Brand name:JUMPER
  • Item name:260 Quadcopter ARF
  • Body Material: pcb + 3k carbon fiber
  • Wheelbase: 250mm (diagonal motors)
  • Flight Control: naze32 6dof
  • Motor: jumper2204 KV2280
  • Propeller: 6045
  • Weight: 353g (without receiver and battery)
  • Package weight: 460g
  • Bec board: provide flight control and receiver 5v power supply, provides a special interfacePTZ and image transmission,
    and transfer all the signal line and the main power supply, highly integrated, lightweight.
  • ESC: BLHeli20 (20A BLHeli firmware 2mm banana pluggable design)
  • Head: Integrated Brushless uniaxial PTZ (pitching from stable, and through remote control)
  • Camera: 7070 (format: PAL system, voltage 3.3v power supply, lens: 140 degree wide-angle, Resolution: 782 * 582)Configuration Suggest:
    Battery: 3s 2200mah (XT60 port)

Jumper 260 Feature:

  • -BEC board support flight controller and receiver 5V power supply,provide special interface for gimbal and image transmission
  • -Independent designed solid, durable and stable frame
  • -Flight controller use 32bit ARM micro processor, fast process speed to ensure fast respond
  • -Flight controller Cleanflight & Baseflight supported.

Jumper 260 Package Included:
1 X  JUMPER 260 Quadcopter ARF

id  1441 - JUMPER 260 Brushless Gimbal Drone


FLY WING FW200 1110 - JUMPER 260 Brushless Gimbal Drone