RC Helicopters

JCZK 450L V2 DFC 6CH 3D RC Helicopter

JCZK 450L V2 DFC 6CH 3D RC Helicopter
Brand: JCZK
Item: 450L V2 RC Helicopter
Body Length: 705mm
Body Width: 110mm
Body height: 205mm
Main Blades Diameter: 804mm
Main Blades Length: 360mm
Tail Blades Diameter: 171mm
Main Motor Gear: 11T
Final Gear: 121T
Tail Drive Main Gear: 106T
Tail Drive Ratio: 25T
Gear Ratio: 1:11:4.24
Weight: 730g(not include battery)
Flying Time: about 15mins
Flying Distance: About 1000m

Warm tips:
450L is not 450. The net length of 45L fuselage is 705mm (including the total length of propeller is 950mm), the net length of 450 fuselage is 634mm (including the total length of propeller is 880mm). 450L is much larger than 450. The corresponding accessories and electronic parts of 450L are also larger than 450.

1.3D Intelligent Flight Control dual mode GPS positioning
2.Fixed-point hover easy to use for novices
3.Dual-mode GPS positioning intelligent return to home
4.Three flight modes:Self-stabilization mode / fixed-point mode / trick mode
5.OSD information return:Real-time voltage return Low voltage automatic alarm
6.20 minutes long battery life
The new design of the fuselage side panellarger battery compartment , longer battery life