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IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro GPS Positioning 850m 5G WiFi Transmission Fishing Drone

Take your drone experience to the next level! Have you ever imagined a drone that can fish on the sea? Well, here it is! Our Poseidon Pro! A professional high standard aircraft combines stable hovering in the sky and accurate throwing bait to fish. It’s a special gift for those rc fans who want to try fishing and some fishing lovers who want to try flying a drone. You’ll love it!

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Price:
Tomtop online store price:US$1033.69 Discount: 45% OFF

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Features:
LED LIGHTS: Built-in high bright LED light make night flight much safer and more convenient.
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SUPER LEVEL OF WATERPROOF AND WINDPROOF: This drone reaches 3 hours of float level and 6 class of windproof.
MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Corrosion-resistant materials are used to avoid the rain and seawater corrosion.
FAST AND ACCURATE THROWING SYSTEM: The throwing system is a separate module, can be quickly installed and removed, with a waterproof camera. It can be used to carry fishing lines at long distance and can place the bait at the target location for precise delivery.
GPS POSITIONING: GPS positioning system makes sure the safety of the fishing drone, you will be known the accurate position of your drone anytime.
Functions: Hovering, one key take-off/landing, lost/low battery/one button return, GPS accurate positioning, real-time video surveillance, throwing bait to fish, LED light.
A professional high standard aircraft combines stable hovering in the sky and accurate throwing bait to fish.
REAL-TIME VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: The real-time video transmission distance can reach 850m.

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Specifications:
Waterproof level: Float for 3 hours
Motor model: 4008
ESC parameter: 40A
Diagonal length: 480mm
Propeller: 1345
Camera: 1080P
Maximum horizontal flight speed: 10m/s
Maximum tilt angle: 35°
Maximum load: 1.5kg
Flight time: 25min
Flight controller: NAZA-M-V2
Working temperature: -10℃-50℃
Satellite positioning module: GPS
Hover accuracy: vertical±0.8m, horizontal±2.5m
Maximum wind speed level: class 6
5G WiFi FPV distance: 850m
Maximum rising speed: 6m/s
Maximum falling speed: 4.5m/s
Drone size: 390 * 390 * 210mm
Drone weight: 2300g