GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant 230mm RC FPV Racing Drone

GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant 230mm RC FPV Racing Drone F4 5.8G 48CH 40A BLHeli_S Dshot600 PNP/BNF

GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant Racing Drone Features

  • Use mature and stable GEP-KHX5 frame, strong and fall – resistant, all 3k carbon plate
  • Use the Pagoda2 antenna to determine the image quality
  • Use SPAN F4 Tower, stable and simple
  • Runcam Swift 2 lens for clarity
  • Frame layout is reasonable, center of gravity center, reduce energy waste
  • High efficiency GR2306 2450kv motor, with GEP5040 propeller, achieve perfect output
  • The GEPRC team carefully calibrated the PID to ensure reliability and stability, and the binding flew

GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant Racing Drone Specs

  • Frame: GEPRC GEP-KHX5
  • Wheelbase: 230mm
  • Thickness of arms plate:4mm
  • Thickness of side plate: 1.5mm
  • Thickness of bottom plate: 2mm
  • CNC:High precision CNC 7075
  • Carbon:Full 3K carbon fiber Twill
  • Firmware: betaflight_3.2.5_OMNIBUSF4SD
  • Input Voltage: support 2-5S Lipo
  • Motor:GR2306 2450kv
  • Propeller:GEP5040*3 (10 pairs)
  • Flight Controller: SPAN F4 Tower AIO
  • Receiver: R-XSR (ONLY BNF INCLUDE)
  • MPU: MPU6000
  • MCU: STM32F405
  • VTX:5.8GHz (48 Channel) (OFF/25/200/600mW)
  • ESC: 40A * 4 BLHeli_s (Dshot 150/300/600) support 2~5S LiPo
  • Weight: 348 grams without battery or props

Package Included:

  • 1X GEPRC Elegant Drone
  • 1X Spare Arms
  • 3X Battery strap
  • 1X Frsky R-XSR Receiver (BNF Only)
  • 2X Pagoda2 RHCP MMCX Antenna(1pcs installed)
  • 5X GEP5040 Propeller CCW
  • 5X GEP5040 Propeller CW

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FLY WING FW200 1110 - GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant 230mm RC FPV Racing Drone