GEPRC GEP-KX5 Elegant 243mm FPV Racing Drone X Frame Kit

GEPRC GEP-KX5 Elegant 243mm FPV Racing Drone X Frame Kit 4mm Arm w/ PDB 5V & 12V

GEPRC GEP-KX5 Elegant Frame Kit Features

  1. The battery is located above the arm, which shall be in the form of a symmetrical distribution.
  2. The motor output is more balanced and more high efficient; the design lowers the risk of damaging the battery when being collapsed.
  3. The center is in the middle of the whole machine. When flying, the pilot can have good hand feeling.
  4. There are six 2812 rear lights and a bb sound. When flying, the lights are cool and the flight is easy to be found because of the buzzer.
  5. Camera and the video recorder use #7075 aviation aluminum alloy, which is processed in a high accurate way (high accuracy CNC), making the whole machine good-looking and solid.
  6. The 2mm bottom board can well guarantee the flight control; also, it can protect the components from being damaged when collapsing and landing.
  7. The one-in-all high accurate CNC arm is made of 3K pure carbon fiber plates, whose structure is simple but solid. The arm is quite narrow (14mm) so the wind resistance will be smaller.
  8. One PDB distribution board with BEC (5/12v output) is available, integrating with XT60.
  9. The front part and rear part are supported by aluminum pieces, while the side board connects with the aluminum parts, making the structure solid and firm. Besides, such a structure can efficiently protect the electronic equipment inside the machine. The LED rear light board is fixed by a square aluminum post, where a buzzer for seeking the machine is available. Therefore, it is quite practical and good-looking.
  10. YFS screws (strength: grade 12.9) can ensure a good hardness.
  11. By True X structure, it is suitable for competition and freestyle fly.
  12. There are spacing holes for motor wire, which will make the wiring easier and more convenient; the motor wires are tightly close to the arm bottom, which will not adversely affect the look but better protect the motor wires and ESC (electronic speed controller).
  13. The motor rack has a stand-out design, which can protect the motor when there is a collision.

GEPRC GEP-KX5 Elegant Frame Kit Specs

  • Size: 205*205mm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Wheelbase: 243mm
  • Props size: 5inch
  • Side board: 1.0mm
  • Base board: 2mm
  • Arms board: 4mm
  • Material: 3K carbon fiber & #7075 aviation aluminum


  • Propeller: 5inch
  • Flight controller: F3/F4/Naze32/CC3D
  • Battery: 3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1500mAh
  • Motors: 2204/2205/2206/2305/2306
  • ESC: 20A-35A

Package Included

  • 1 x GEP-KX5 Elegant 243mm frame kit
  • 2 x battery strap
  • 1 x PDB 5V & 12V

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