F2 Mito210 210mm FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit

F2 Mito210 210mm FPV Racing Drone Freestyle True X Frame Kit Carbon Fiber 4mm Arm

F2 Mito210 Frame Kit Features

  • Quick disassembly design.
  • Machine all use 12.9 strength YFS screws.
  • 4mm independent arm, fast demolition, unique design virtual bit less.
  • True X structure, suitable for racing with Freestyle fancy flight.
  • According to individual needs, can choose the frame assembly of battery on or under.
  • We also designed a fixed four arm of the aluminum alloy, so that the arm is not easy to shift.
  • Support HS1170, Swift, RunCam Eagle 2, Foxeer Arrow V3 HS1195, RunCam Sparrow, Swift 2 MINI, OVL and other lenses.
  • The position of the motor compartment is widened and the collision is not easy to hit the motor.

F2 Mito210 Frame Kit Specs

  • Wheelbase: 210mm(5 inch)
  • Arm thickness: 4mm
  • Height of aluminum column: 30mm
  • Upper plate thickness: 2mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
  • Side plate thickness: 1.5mm
  • Camera angle range: 0-60 °
  • Color: red/black (optional)
  • Material: 3K carbon fiber
  • Weight: 82g

Recommend parts:

  • Propeller: 4-5 inch (4XXX/50XX)
  • Flight controller: F4/F3/Naze32/CC3D
  • Battery: 3/4S 1300-1800mAh lipo battery
  • Motor: 2204/2205/2206/2305/2306/2405…brushless motor
  • ESC: 20-30A brushless ESC

This product is an empty machine version, without any electronic equipment.

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FLY WING FW200 1110 - F2 Mito210 210mm FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit