Align M480L Multicopter Drone

The quality of the M480L kit is top notch.  Once you open the box you will immediately be greeted with neatly organized components, over 90% of which are already assembled for you at the factory.  Canopy features carbon reinforced fiberglass construction with airbrushed graphics, finished with automotive grade clear coat.  Airframe is made out of highly rigid carbon fiber to achieve feather weight.  Retracts are precision CNC machined aircraft aluminum alloy with Swiss timepiece like quality.

Align M480L’s Moisture resistant shape at the pinnacle of power and beauty, industrial and structural design. Encompass stability control system, features light weight, strong payload, and long flight time. Superior in both high speed agility and static stability, this multi-purposed professional multicopter exceeds in all areas such as aerial photography or as leisurely sports flyer; yet its light weight allows for easy transport anywhere.

The innovative streamlined moisture resistant canopy features screw-less quick latch mounting design that is easy, quick, and reliable. In addition, canopies with variety of multi-colored graphics are available for customization by enthusiasts.

Individualized design for Align M480L! These light weight carbon fiber motor mount housing are made with an unique manufacturing process, and features tough, highly visible, and shock absorbing characteristics. Colors can be intermixed for that unique look based on your preference.

The highly rigid industrial grade fiber composite plastic main rotors are quiet and aerodynamically efficient. Multiple colors are available for enthusiasts to customize their look in Algin M480L. In addition, light weight and highly rigid all carbon fiber main rotors are also available which features even higher flight efficiency and longer flight duration, while providing faster and more precise flight response.

 Align M480L Design Features:

  • Intelligent tactile power switch design.
  • Quick release battery mounting system.
  • Light weght, high rigidity 3k carbon fiber frame.
  • M480 four rotor scan easily be converted to M690 six rotors.
  • Quick folding arms to reduce its footprint for ease of transport.
  • Metal retractable landing gears provides unobstructed camera view.
  • Motors built with ALIGN’s core motor techmology featuring high torque, optimal efficiency, and low power consumption.
  • Smart all-encompassing power controlunit PCU, effectively distribution power to all system.

Flight Control System:

  • Newly developed APS-M multirotor auto-pilot system utilizing high precision sensors and modern system control subroutines, with superior reliabllity and excellent performance.
  • APS-M support quad(4), hex(6), and octo(8) rotors
  • Flight modes include attitude, GPS velocity, GPS angular, intelligent, and manual.
    1.Intelligent flight modes
    2.Automatic Return Home
    4.Low Voltage Aluto Return Home Protection
  • Compatible with PC and IOS/Android devices through Bluetooth interface for ease of tuning and firmware management.
    In addition, firmware will be released periodically for performance or feature updates.
    Supports Futaba, Spektrum, and JR – S.BUS/X.BUS, DSMZ/DSMX/DSMJ/DMSS system.

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FLY WING FW200 1110 - Align M480L Multicopter Drone