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FrSky XSRF3E Flight Control Built-In Telemetry Receiver

FrSky XSRF3E Flight Control Built-In F3E & XSR 16CH CPPM SUBS Telemetry Receiver

FrSky XSRF3E Flight Control Features

  • Features the latest Accelerometer, Gyro and Compass and Baro sensor technology
  • Built-in F3E and XSR receiver module
  • XSR receiver is a full duplex telemetry receiver, it will receive the commands of radio and send to F3E by SBUS (8CH is RSSI) to UART2 Rx of F3E,
  • 6 PWM output signal lines for ESCs and Servos. Arranged for easy wiring on standard pin headers
  • It can also send telemetry -information back to radio by smart port
  • After configuration, you can use the FrSky X9D/X9D-Plus/X9E radio (wireless) to set the PID parameters for XSRF3E

FrSky XSRF3E Flight Control Specifications

  • Channels: 16CH (8CH is RSSI) by SBUS to UART2 Rx of F3E, Smart Port of XSR to UART3 Tx of F3E
  • Hardware: STM32F303 CPU (72Mhz inc FPU), MPU9250 (accelerometerro/compass), and BMP280 barometer for F3E
  • Operating Current: 200mA@5V
  • Operating Voltage Range: 4.0~10V
  • Compatibility: FrSky Taranis X9D/X9D-Plus/X9E/ Horus X12S/XJT in D16 mode
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Dimension: 36×36×6mm (L × W × H) with 30.5mm mounting holes
  • Weight: 6g

The Last Updated FrSky XSRF3E price:$45.00

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