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FMS F-16 RC Airplane

FMS F-16 RC Airplane
Brand: FMS
Model: F-16 Fighting Falcon V2
Wingspan: 730mm
Overall Length: 1100mm
Flying Weight: 900G
Motor Size: 2840-KV3900
ESC: 40A
Servo: 9G Servos x 5
CG: 90-95MM
Aileron: YES
Elevator: YES
Rudder: YES
Flaps: NO
Retracts: NO
Flying Duration: 5min
Experience Level: Intermediate
Assembly Time: 45min
Wing Load: 58.2G/dm²
Wing Area: 15.3dm²
Recommended Radio: 4 Channel (not included) Click here
Recommended Battery: 11.1V 2200MAH 25C (not included) Click here

* 280mm fiber pipe inserted through the fuselage and main wing
* Use of four inner-hexagon screws instead of glue improves main wing set and landing gear installation optimizing strength of structure.
* Improved main wing set and landing gear installation. This optimizes strength of structure and reduces assembly time.
* New more powerful 64mm 11-blade ducted fan with up to 800 grams of thrust.
* New 2840-KV3900 motor
* Five 9g servos
* New Predator 40A ESC
* The latest FMS EPO foam material creates stronger, more impact-resistant planes.
* Environmentally friendly water-based paint minimizes blistering from sun.
* Pre-installed, newly designed control horns allows more throw.