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Flybear FX707 EPP 1200mm Fixed Wing RC Airplane KIT

Flybear FX707 Features

Rollover function: Makes you more enjoy the fun of flying
Playing environment: Can be played in indoor or outdoor environment
Easy to install: Suitable for both beginners and professional players
Simulator: Highly-degree flying simulator, looks more verisimilitude
Double-wing structure: It has a novel appearance and a lifting body design to improve the ability to glide in the air
Circulation design: With beautiful color and circulation design, the airplane looks nice for being a gift
Material: Made of high quality and durable EPP material

Flybear FX707 Specs

Brand name: Flybear
Item number: FX – 707
Fuselage : 840mm
Wingspan : 1200mm
Function: Up / Down, Forward / Backward, Rollover

Flybear FX707 Price

Banggood Price:US$32.09