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EPO Cessna 162 1100mm Wingspan RC Airplane

EPO Cessna 162 1100mm Wingspan RC Airplane Aircraft for FPV Aerial Photegraphy Beginner Trainner

Made by durable material of EPO, with advantages of light weight and stable structure, which make this Cessna 162 airplane an ideal model for beginner . Easy operation of 4ch remote control system allow it to be used as a rc trainer. Big compartment for battery can accommodate 2 groups 11.1v liPo packs to extend the flight time. Large space of airplane’s fuselage can be refit to meets the needs of FPV or others.

Beautiful and cute appearance, high simulation, it is the best model for practicing flying and collecting.
Upper wing design, high stability, suitable for beginners or leisure flight preferred models.
Good at low speed flight, relaxed flight, easy and happy.
Good at flying at low altitudes, and it is easy to fly high.
Large battery compartment design, can simultaneously load two sets of 11.1V 2200MAH lithium battery, suitable for
Long flight demand.
The space is too large, and it can be used as an FPV aerial camera and other aircraft.

Model : EPO Cessna 162 with Flaps Wingspan 1100mm RC trainner airplane
Wingspan: 1100mm
Fuselage Length: 950mm
Takeoff Weight: 770g

Recommanded Device (Not included)
Servos: 9g x 4 pcs Click Here
Motor: 2212 motor KV1000 Click Here
ESC: 20A Click Here
Battery: 11.1V 1500 – 2200MAH 25C Click Here
Propeller: 9047 or 1047 Click Here
RC: 2.4Ghz 4ch RC Click Here

User Manual right click here to download it

Package Included (optional)
2 different configrations for choice, please choose correct while order.
1) KIT means airframe with propeller, landing gear, and some small parts;
2) PNP means KIT with servos, motor, ESC. BUT NO RC, Battery, Charger.


FLY WING FW200 1110 - EPO Cessna 162 1100mm Wingspan RC Airplane