Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 Wheelbase Board Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 Wheelbase Board Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 210mm Wheelbase 4mm frame board Pure Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

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At Banggoo, buy best Emax Nighthawk Pro 200, just $61.78 can get it, Average rating is 4.8 star of 26 customer reviews

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 Features

  • Coordinated with EMAX top-level power system.
  • 20 degree/30 degree uptilted camera mount better for FPV racing.
  • A unibody main frame board made of 4mm pure carbon fiber to ensure durability.
  • Equipped with motor protection mounts to reduce the damages on motors when crash.
  • Low battery cabin design to optimize the center of gravity. It makes 3D actions more responsive.

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 Specs

  • Brand: Emax
  • Model Name: Nighthawk 200
  • Wheelbase: 210mm
  • Weight: About 120g
  • Main frame board: 4mm
  • Material: Pure Carbon Fiber

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 Price

  • Last updated Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 price at Banggood: US$61.78

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 Review

  • See the best review by Banggood customers:

Very nice frame: good quality, compact design, good parts. Carbon is very nice - good surface, good cuting. Perfect for a small racing drone.

Now Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 average rating is 4.8 stars of 26 review at Banggood.

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Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 Review

Configuration Suggest:

  • Motor: MT2204II
  • ESC: Nano 12A
  • Propeller: 5030
  • PBD: 5V/12V output
  • Camera: 32 CCD 808/808 V2
  • Battery: 2S-4S, 1000~1800mAH
  • FPV transmitter: 200MW/400MW/600MW
  • Flight controller compatible: Skyline32,CC3D,Rabbit, KK, MWC, NAZA, and support Skyline32, KK2.0, CC3D 30.5*30.5 install size

Package Included

  • 1 x Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 Frame kit(Frame Kit only, not include any other parts and not include battery compartment cover)
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