Eachine Racing F3 Acro 6DOF Flight Controller

Eachine Racing F3 Acro 6DOF Flight Controller Features

  • Buzzer port for audible warnings and notifications.
  • Standard model for racing/acro flying
  • Use all the features all the time; e.g. Connect your OSD + SmartPort + SBus + GPS + LED Strip + Battery Monitoring + Sonar + 8 motors – all at the same time!
  • On-board high-capacity black box flight log recorder – optimize your tuning and see the results of your setup with- out guesswork.
  • Perfect for integrating with OSDs and power distribution boards.
  • Battery monitoring ports for voltage and current.
  • 16 PWM I/O lines for ESCs, Servos and legacy receivers. 8 available on standard pin headers. 8 via side mounted connectors.
  • Full support for OneShot ESCs for easy PID tuning and a sharper response.
  • Supports SBus, SumH, SumD, Spektrum1024/2048, XBus, PPM, PWM receivers. No external inverters required (built-in).
  • Dedicated output for programmable LEDs-great for orientation, racing and night flying.
  • Developer friendly debugging port (SWD) and boot mode selection, unbrickable bootloader.
  • Configuration of the flight controller via a cross-platform GUI (Windows/OSX/Linux).

Eachine Racing F3 Acro 6DOF Flight Controller Specs

  • Usage: for Eachine racer 250 and other RC Multirotors
  • Size: 36x36mm board with 30.5mm mounting holes
  • Weight: 5 grams
  • Free Shipping?Shipping cost only US$0

Last Updated Acro 6DOF Flight Controller price:$23

Deluxe 10D Flight Controller buy link: Eachine Customized Version F3 Racing Deluxe 10D Flight Controller STM32F303 For Eachine Racer 250–$29.99


FLY WING FW200 1110 - Eachine Racing F3 Acro 6DOF Flight Controller