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Eachine Fatbee FB90 Micro Racing Quadcopter AIO FPV VTX Camera

Eachine Fatbee FB90 Micro Racing Quadcopter Spare Parts 5.8g 25MW 48CH VTX 520TVL CMOS 1/4 Camera

Eachine Fatbee FB90 AIO FPV VTX Camera Features

  1. Usage for Eachine Fatbee FB90 Racing Quadcopter
  2. Omnidirectional Clover ANT.
  3. Wide lens angle.
  4. Support NTSC/PAL switch,support vertical inverted image switch.
  5. Support touch switch select channel frequency group.
  6. Miniature and light weight design.
  7. 8LED display channel and 6LED display frequency group information. LED display NTSC/PAL and FLIP information.

Eachine Fatbee FB90 AIO FPV VTX Camera Specs

  • Camera resolution: 520TVL
  • Output power: 25mW
  • Input Format: NTSC/PAL
  • Channel Customer: 48
  • Frequency Band: 5362-5945MHZ
  • Frequency Control: PLL
  • Modulation Type: FM
  • Channel SEL: Touch Switch
  • Channel Carrier error: 1dB
  • ALL Harmonic: Max-50dBm
  • Channel Indicate: CH1-CH8 Channel indicate with 8LEDS and A-F frequency groups indicate with 6LEDS
  • Antenna Port: 50
  • Transmit Power: 13+/-1dBm
  • Sensor: PAL:720×540/ NTSC:640×480 1/4
  • Base-band interface: (P1.27*2)
  • Operating Temperature: -10 °~+60 °
  • Frequency Stability: +/-100KHz(Typ)
  • Frequency Precision: +/-200KHz(Typ)
  • Power Consumption: 200~215MA@5V DCIN
  • Supply Voltage: 2.9-5.5V
  • Lens Angel: H:120 °/ V:100 °
  • Weight: 3.5g
  • Profile Dimension: 14.5mmX12.2mm+14.5mmX12mm
  • Size: 40x15mm
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