DYS XDR220 FPV Racer w/ SP F3 5.8G 40CH 200mW VTX 5V CCD Camera

DYS XDR220 FPV Racer w/ SP F3 5.8G 40CH 200mW VTX 5V CCD Camera Integrated PCB OSD PNP Version

DYS XDR220 FPV Racer Features

  • Compatible with remote control with 2.4G/6 channels or more. (Excluded)
  • XDR220 is the special FPV racer with high performance flying experience for the pilots, especially for the FPV racing, aerobatics flight, aerial photograph, fantastic flight view etc.
  • The frame comes with two covers, which can install 30° tilt angle FPV lens or 40° surface cover, easy to exchange for for different view angles. Additional white color 30° surface cover for DIY.
  • Brand new design with verified SpracingF3 flight controller system, high sensor algorithm, I/0 port, and the new generation CPU design, integrated with OSD, power distribution board on one small PCB board.
  • The frame use high-end carbon fiber material which is light weight, high strength, non-deformation.
  • The motor perfect match with esc for the power system. User can get a smooth flight after easy installation.
  • Equipped with FPV HD CCD camera, wide dynamic and good backlight, built-in 5.8G 200mW 40CH transmitter and 5dbi omnidirectional gain mushroom antenna.

DYS XDR220 FPV Racer Specs

  • Camera: 5V camera (CCD)
  • Motor: SE2205-2300KV
  • Wheelbase: 220mm
  • Whole frame weight: 310g
  • ESC: XS20A BLheli_S ESC
  • Flight control: SP F3
  • Prop: XT50403 Tri-prop
  • Transmitter: 5.8G/40CH/25mW to 200mW
  • The cover of camera angle: 30°/ 40°
  • Antenna: 5dbi omnidirectional gain mushroom antenna
  • Battery(excluded): 3S-4S/1300mha-1500mha/35C-70C
  • Size: 189.5*189.5*52.8mm
  • Weight: 310g(exclude battery)

DYS XDR220 Packaged included

  • 1 x DYS XDR220 FPV Racer
  • 4 x XS20A BLheli_S ESC
  • 1 x SP F3 flight controller
  • 2 x XT50403 CCW propeller blue
  • 2 x SE2205-2300KV CCW
  • 2 x SE2205-2300KV CW
  • 2 x XT50403 CCW propeller red
  • 2 x XT50403 CW propeller blue
  • 3 x camera cover (blue*1, white*1, red*1)
  • 2 x XT50403 CW propeller red
  • 1 x Integrated PCB OSD
  • 1 x 5.8G 40CH 25mW to 200mW transmitter
  • 1 x 5dbi omnidirectional gain mushroom antenna
  • 1 x 5V CCD camera

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