RC Airplanes

Dualsky GT2000 V2 RC Airplane

Dualsky GT2000 V2 RC Airplane
Length: 1020mm
Wing Area: 30.3dm²
Flying Weight: 600g
Brand Name: Dualsky
Item Name: GT2000 V2
Version: KIT, PNP (optional)
Wingspan: 2000mm
CG: 50mm from the leading edge

Electronic Parts (PNP Version):
Elevator Servo: DS65 *2
Aileron Servo: 2pcs
Flap Servo: 2pcs
Motor: ECO2316C KV1250
ESC: XC-45-Lite,45A,XT60
Propeller: 10×6 folding prop
Spinner: D38XH35

Recommended Parts for GT2000 V2 (Not Included):
Battery: 3S 11.1V 1000mAh 50C LiPo
Charger: Balance Charger, Click Here
Radio System: 2.4G 6CH, Click Here

Recommended Parts for Racing (Not Included):
Motor: XM2838EG-7 KV1800
ESC: XC4018BA V2
Propeller: DAA-VMS38C, 38mm racing spinner CAM10x8 or VMP11x7 Folding Prop
Battery: XP06002ULT 2S 7.4V 600mAh 120C