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DJI MG-1 Agriculture Plant Protection RC Octucopter

DJI MG-1 Portable 8Axis Agriculture Plant Protection RC Octucopter RTF.

DJI MG-1 Description:
Color: white
Product size: 780mm*780mm*482mm(L*W*H)
Weight: about 3KG (not included battery)
Product battery: 3.7V 750mAh (Included)

DJI MG-1 Features:
1.Efficient operation.
Equipped with powerful 8 axis power system, standard load for DJI MG-1 reach as heavy as 10kg.
Operation quantity reach 40-60 acre per hour, operating efficiency is 40-60 times higher than human being.

2.Outstanding reliability.
Triple filtration system in body air intake effectively cut off from the mist, dust and large particulate matter;
Internal circulation system uses clean air cooling electrical and mechanical systems to ensure a long and stable work;
Exhaust port is provided to the motor at the clean gas to avoid the wear of the motor at high speed with the air of impurities, Prolonglonger motor life with three times .
Eight-axis dynamic design, arm fault normal landing can provide additional protection for job security.

3.Precision spray.
Using pressure sprayer system, you can replace the nozzle to flexibly adjust the flow rate and atomization effect according to different agents.
Downdraft generated by rotor acts on the atomizing agent, allowing the agent to reach the back of the plant roots and stems and strong spray penetration.
Agents spray pumps with precisive control brushless motor for different crops and spraying agents can implement appropriate programs.

4.Convenient mode of operation
Custombuilt flight control designed  for the plant protection operations provides flight stability and  precise response to the instruction and easy control even for beginners.
Intelligent, auxiliary and manual mode of operation are aveilable to cope with various terrain requirements while spraying.
With intelligent route breakpoint memory function, automatic mark coordinate points when no drug can use. One key to return to mark point After adding the agent can continue spraying operation to ensure the continuity of the plant protection operations.

DJI MG-1 Package included:
1 x DJI MG-1 RC octucopter
1 x Transmitter

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