Transmitter & Receiver

DasMikro 7CH 2.4Ghz RC Micro Receiver With PPM Output

DasMikro DSM2 DSMX 7CH 2.4Ghz RC Micro Receiver With PPM Output

DasMikro DSM2 RC Micro Receiver Specs

  • Channels: 7 channels (7 channels PPM)
  • Power: 3.7-5V DC
  • Frequency Range: 2.4-2.48GHz
  • Receiving Sensitivity: -99dBm
  • Antenna Length: 30mm
  • Size: 21mm*13mm*2.5mm
  • Weight: 0.82g
  • Color: Blue
  • Signal Output: CH1-CH7 output normal PWM signal
  • 1.8A Bi-Directional Brushed Motor Driver controlled by throttle channel

Turn on the transmitter and the receiver and make sure receiver is working normally. Adjust each channel to the exact position you want to have in failsafe mode. Make sure the transmitter is not in pair mode. Long press the pair button and wait the led to be fast flashing, and now the failsafe data is saved. Power off the receiver and power on again the failsafe will work.

Make sure the transmitter is power off. Power on DSM2/DSMX receiver. Long press the pair button. After around 2 seconds the led changed to fast flashing, now the receiver is in pairing mode. Then turn on the transmitter and make the transmitter to pairing mode. Wait the receiver led from fast flashing to turn off, now the pairing is done. Power off the transmitter and receiver then power on again then the receiver will work.

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