RC Quadcopters

CSJ X1 RC Quadcopter

CSJ X1 Features

The arm of RC Drone adopts three-dimensional folding design,which ensures flight stability even after it has been folded many times,compact style,portable to carry.
Take the remote control as the flight center to conduct 360 ° circular flight,and simultaneously turn on the high-definition aerial photography function with different flight perspectives,which makes you get much fun.
The optical flow positioner is mounted in the horizontal direction,and the air pressure is set at a high altitude to achieve precise hovering,making the picture clearer.
The fuselage uses four powerful brushless motors,which are more powerful and less noisy.When the wind is strong,it can output more torque,making the UAV more stable.

CSJ X1 Specs

Product number: CSJ-X1
Product Name: Two-axis PTZ folding RC Drone
FPV Distance: 400-500 meters
FPV Frequency: 4K 5GWIFI
Product Size:
Expanded size: 23 * 26 * 6.5 CM
Folding size: 18.5 * 6 * 9CM
Motor: 1406 brushless motor
Body weight: 400g (including battery)
Charging: USB charging cable, 11.1V,charging current 1A-2.0A
Battery capacity: 11.1V,2500MA,25C
Flight time: 23-27 minutes
Remote control: 3.7V 1200mAh / 18650 battery
Flight distance: 1000-1200 meters
Product material: ABS/PP/PC
Remote frequency: 2.4G high frequency
Photo Resolution:1080P:1920*1080,4K:3840*2160
Video Resolution:1080P:1920*1080,720P:1280*720

CSJ X1 Price

Banggood Price:US$153.86