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Charsoon BattGo 14.8V 1300mah 80C 4S Smart Lipo Battery

Charsoon BattGo 14.8V 1300mah 80C 4S Smart Lipo Battery XT60i Plug For ISDT Linker BG-8S T8 Charger

Charsoon BattGo 1300mah Battery Features

  1. Compatible with most FPV racer drones on the market
  2. Connecting with BattGo linker/charger/checker, reading battery info easily
  3. Supports PC, smart charger, smart battery checker reading battery date, OSD etc.
  4. Uses XT60i connector which was jointly developed by ISDT and Amass, support BattGO technology, and highly compatible with original XT60/XT90 plugs.

Charsoon BattGo 1300mah Battery Specs

  • Battery Cell: 4
  • Battery Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Battery Output Connector-XT60i
  • Max charging C: 5C
  • Max discharging C: 80C
  • Storage Voltage: 3800
  • Timing Auto-discharging Function(Optional): Yes
  • 12awg/200°C Silicone Cable
  • Size: 80*29*30mm
  • Weight: 163g

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