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Chitwan QW350-02 720P Camera FPV Video Transmitter Drone

Chitwan QW350-02 720P Camera FPV GPS 5.8G Video Transmitter Drone. The Chitwan QW350-02 drone integrated GPS auto-pilot system offers position holding. Altitude lock and stable hovering, giving you constant stable flight so you can focus on getting the shots.

The QW350-02 drone with one key automatic return function. The return position may not be very accurate. A variance of a few meters from the take off position exists. You can clear you fine-tuning operation by pressing the button light control button. Don’t stop pressing until you open the transmitter the power switch.

With 720P built-in camera which can make the image clear, also, it can mount other cameras under its bottom. But the mounted cameras show in the picture are not included.


QW350-02 Description:

  • Overall dimensions: 290*290*195MM
  • Wheel base size: 350MM
  • The motor specification: 2212
  • Vehicle weight: 870g
  • The receiver: QW350-1
  • The remote control: QW350433 wireless
  • The battery specification: 2500MAH 11.1V
  • Time of flight: 15-18 minutes
  • Remote control distance: 600-800M
  • Figure the distance: 400M
  • Flight load: 350g
  • Working environment temperature: O-40°
  • Hover precision: GPS mode – vertical: : + 0.8 M + 2.5 M
  • Maximum lifting speed: Up 6 m/S down 2 m/S
  • Leg, the rudder Angle: 200“/S
  • Maximum flight speed: 10M/S
  • Color package sizes: 440*235*340

The charger and battery parameters

  • Charging input voltage range: 100-220V
  • Output current: 1.2A
  • Current input: 11.1V-12.5V=5A
  • The battery is compatible with: 11.1V
  • Battery category: lipo
  • The balance charge: 500MA

The power supply parameters

  • The output power: 100mW-1W
  • Clear power flow: <500mA
  • The output pulse: 900-1900ms
  • The sensitivity: -121dbm – 90dbm
  • The figure to receive: 5.8G
  • Transmission power: 30dbm
  • The working current/voltage: 14.8
  • Built-in 14500 lithium batteries: Section 4 (5)

QW350-02 Feature:

  • –  800m flying distance, according to the RC signal, QW350 can fly further.
  • –  QW350 can automatically hover in the sky as long as you have no operations with the transmitter.
  • – 3-axis gyro gimbal can promise the images quality, steady without shaking.
  • – With low voltage protection alarm and auto-return-home .Function:
    Set high, hover, a key back, out of control protection, automatic landing, low voltage protection.

QW350-02 Package included:

  • 1 x QW350-02 quadcopter
  • 1 x The remote control
  • 1 x display screen
  • 4pair x blade
  • 1pair x lead frame
  • 1 x charger
  • 1 x 11.1 V battery
  • 4 x 3.7v battery
  • 1 x wrench
  • 4 x screw net (CW CCW)
  • 1 x Aluminum screw
  • 1 x The instructions

id  1309 - Chitwan QW350-02 720P Camera FPV Video Transmitter Drone


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