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BlitzRC Sky Surfer V5 RC Airplane

BlitzRC Sky Surfer V5 Features

Able to interchange from 3 CH/ 4 CH/ 5 CH by locking/unlocking the aileron/flaps control surfaces
5 operable channels (aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle, flaps)
Nose is made of hard durable plastic nose cone for perfect impact resistance for nose diving
Designed for beginners to change or move up their flying skill levels
Bottom fuselage and main wings reinforced with plastic surface covers to lessen impact to fuselage and servo horns when belly landing
New folding prop design
Fuselage has plenty of room (excellent for FPV usage or upgrading to larger higher capacity batteries)
No glue required for assembly makes this easy to assemble, repair, and maintain
Reliable high quality electronics (Hobbywing 30A ESC)
Two carbon spars for main wings and one for elevator for extra stiffness and rigidity

BlitzRC Sky Surfer V5 Specs

Fuselage : 925MM
Material : EPO
Net Weight : 624g
Wingspan : 1400MM
ESC : Hobbywing 30A esc (do not included in KIT version)
Motor : KV1950 brushless motor(do not included in KIT version)
Servo : 9G*4 (do not included in KIT version)
Prop : foldable prop (do not included in KIT version)

BlitzRC Sky Surfer V5 Price

Banggood Price:US$69.90