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SonicModell AR WING CLASSIC 900mm Wingspan RC Airplane


After the great success of the “Swiss Army Knife of the FPV Wings”, the Sonicodell AR WING and with more than 40000 units sold worldwide, we decided this is a good time to bring some updates and better price to our loyal customers and fans.

Being the preferred DIY platform for thousands and thousands of pilots, we are bringing you the NEW AR WING CLASSIC Version. A DIY dream where you get to decide from scratch all the details of the build without any pre-glued or fixed part.

All the great features of the AR WING are still there, like detachability and portability, stable flying, EPP super crash resistant material, large bay for FPV gear, but you also get more flexibility, a better price tag and new wing’s leading edge protection!


Brand Name: SonicModell


Material: Crash Resistant EPP

Wingspan: 900mm (35.43″)

Length: 482mm (18.97″)

Flying speed: 10-80+km/h

Wing load: 59g/㎡

KIT Empty Weight: 280g

KIT+Power Combo Empty Weight: 400g

Power Combo Configuration (Not Included in KIT Version):

Motor: 2206 2300KV Brushless

ESC: 30A w/5V 3A BEC

Servo: 9g *2pcs

Propeller: 5x5x3

Recommended Battery (not included):

Lipo 3S 2200mAh or 4S 1550~2200mAh

ZOHD Lionpack 18650 3S1P 3500mAh

ZOHD Lionpack 18650 4S1P 3500mAh


1.KIT and KIT+Power Combo comes unassembled so you can enjoy building it from scratch and decide every detail of the build.

2.Black EPP molded wing and fuselage, extra carbon fiber spar for enhancement, durable, lightweight and flexible.

3.Detachable main wings and wing tips.

4.Extra side camera bay and multiple bonus camera docks, compatible with all FPV and HD cameras (suitable for Gopro, DJI, Runcam etc) in the market.

5.Extra carbon fiber rod in ailerons will give precision and sharp action to your inputs.

6.Rigid plastic bottom skid cover to protect the fuselage while landing.

7.Extra durable hinge reinforcement decal to prevent any tearing even in the hardest conditions.

8.Enhanced main wing with plywood and screws so the wood plate won’t break off in a crash.

9.Easy to hand launch, super stable flying performance.

10.Wingspan 900mm with high efficiency airfoil creates amazing lift.

11.The KIT + Power Combo comes with exactly the same motor / ESC / prop / camera with popular racing quads, exchangeable between each other.

12.Spacious equipment bay for extended flight time and more room for any Flight Controller.

13.Adjustable battery slot for better “CG” adjustment.

14.”CG” bumps mark under the main wing.

15.2 skids for hand launch grip and landing.

16.Aerodynamic “NACA” Air inlet and outlet will ensure the FPV gear work without overheating.


This is unassemble KIT,need to assemble by yourself.

The first batch of stock will be delivered with three nose covers! Limited quantity,first comers first get till all gives out!

KIT Version Included:

1x SonicModell AR WING CLASSIC 900mm RC Airplane Unassemble KIT (Unassembled) with all hardware.

KIT Package Size: 530*300*135mm

KIT Package Weight: 1020g

Note: Motor,ESC,servo,propeller,transmitter,receiver,battery,charger and glue are not included.

KIT+Power Combo Version Included:

1x SonicModell AR WING CLASSIC KIT (Unassembled) with motor, esc, servos, propeller and all hardware (not installed).

PNP Package Size: 530*300*135mm

PNP Package Weight: 1140g

Note: Transmitter,receiver,battery,charger and glue are not included.


FLY WING FW200 1110 - SonicModell AR WING CLASSIC 900mm Wingspan  RC Airplane