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AOK BC168 1-6S 8A Balance Charger

AOK BC168 1-6S 8A Balance Charger

AOK BC168 Balance Charger features

  • There is no conflit between each circuit. The power can maintain 8A output, all voltage, current will be display accordingly.
  • The charger is design for Li-polymer and Lithium Cell. Available to charge, balance, discharge, measure the series batteries accurately.
  • Well designed for protection of whole circuit. The product will be stop working if there is exceed or overload.
  • The charger will use big LCD screen, available to indicate 6 Cell battery statuses.
  • This charger working with free option input current.

AOK BC168 Balance Charger specs

  • Weight: 1030g
  • Package size: 230*150*80mm
  • Input Voltage Range: 11~15V DC
  • Charge Voltage Precision:  ±0.001V
  • Discharge Voltage Precision:  ±0.001V
  • Input Power Range: 300W
  • Charge Power:  201.6 W (33.6W x 6Cells@Cells=4.2V)
  • Balance Power:  201.6 W (33.6W x 6Cells@Cells=4.2V)
  • Discharge Power:  75.6 W (12.6 W x 6Cells@Cells=4.2V)
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