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8 Best Drones To Buy On Banggood’s 11th Anniversary ONLY 3 DAYS

There is no doubt that drones aren’t just for fun or fly in daily life, and there are a handful of different types of drones on market from cheap to expensive. Likewise, they have a lot of features, such as capturing breathtaking pictures and recording 4K video. Therefore, if you are more interested in having the amazing drone, this text will help you make the perfect choice based on your needs because below it selects 8 best drones to buy on Banggoods 11th Anniversary. Here you should be noticed that the party time lasts ONLY 3 DAYS from Sept 7th to Sept 9th. Plus, you probably will get your favorite drone with the lowest price, just take an action right now!

1.DJI Mavic Pro FPV Drone

DJI Mavic Pro FPV RC Quadcopter - 8 Best Drones To Buy On Banggood’s 11th Anniversary ONLY 3 DAYS


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The DJI Mavic Pro is our top pick for one of the best all-around drones to come to market in a while, which is a portable size yet powerful drone coming with a 4K camera, and which you can control using nothing but your gestures, pretty automatically. In terms of its flight, it couldn’t be more easier even you are a newer of flying, all you have to do is tap where you want to go, and all the flight tracking will be finished by your phone. Besides, it features 27 minute battery life which is really long for a drone that runs so much advanced software, actually there is no equivalent on the market at present. Thus, the DJI Mavic Pro FPV drone super worth buying from any perspective.

2.DJI Spark Drone

DJI Spark Drone - 8 Best Drones To Buy On Banggood’s 11th Anniversary ONLY 3 DAYS


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To be frank, DJI company wants everyone to be able to fly a drone in life. The Spark is a perfect example, which is the first DJI drone that offers less range and lower image quality than any unit that came into the market before. It is serious that the drone is as small as a can of soda, so it is much easier to take in your hands or even put into a small bag. Like some other DJI drones, the Spark can return to its home point automatically with GPS signal, and even the battery gets too low, the home button can help it back to home. As well, it is excited that the drone allow you to take selfies with simple hand motions due to the gesture controlled function. In addition, the Spark’s camera features a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, which allow you to shoot amazing footage or stabilized video at 1080p every time.

3.Xiaomi Mi Drone

xiaomi mi drone - 8 Best Drones To Buy On Banggood’s 11th Anniversary ONLY 3 DAYS



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It is a little unbelievable that Xiaomi got into the drone business when the first drone was released. However, when we saw the details, we strongly believed that Xiaomi had already prepared. First, the price is pretty reasonable comparing with other brand of drones, about $450 can buy it. Second, its 4K recording ability with higher stability gives an excellent impression to us. Third, it is more easy to fly this drone because we can control all of directions or circle around something just by rocker or automatic function. Four, the drone has a long flight time, which can spend 27 minutes in air with full charging one time.

4.MJX B2W WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter

MJX B2W - 8 Best Drones To Buy On Banggood’s 11th Anniversary ONLY 3 DAYS


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To be honest, the MJX B2W is increasingly becoming popular in the drone market. It is a quadcopter design keeping four separate rotors to power the craft. Also, it is built in 1080p HD camera, that is why it can capture stunning pictures and record wonderful videos from the sky. At the same time, in order to always provide stable flight, the drone comes with altitude hold mode, is it surprising? Don’t be worried even you are the first time to fly, the global positioning system is under control all the time, so just enjoy the happy flight time with your families or friends!

5.Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Racer

Eachine Wizard X220 - 8 Best Drones To Buy On Banggood’s 11th Anniversary ONLY 3 DAYS


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Yes, the Eachine Wizard X220 is a relatively cheap starter of enjoying flight that has been getting much attention recently. There are two versions available for you to buy, RTF and ARF. The RTF version contains everything needed to start, surely it is more suitable for those who are a newer, and the ARF version is designed for those who already have other models to fly. In general, two versions keeps the same functions which feature 700TVL cameras working pretty well when the quad in low light condition, also the camera can be adjusted the angle mount for the better shooting. By the way, the pick will make you feel very good because there is a strong shell to protect the motor from badly damage.

6.AOSENMA CG035 RC Quadcopter

AOSENMA CG035 - 8 Best Drones To Buy On Banggood’s 11th Anniversary ONLY 3 DAYS


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It is super interesting that the AOSENMA CG035 quad keeps a follow-me function, which uses the built-in GPS to allow you to worry more about taking in the sights than managing the flight, so it is a perfect feature for sport enthusiast. Of course, it has one key automatic return function to help you enjoy one key landing and headless mode. To some extent, it is a quite good looking drone comparing to some other drones with such a low price. There is no problem to enjoy the flying time of 15-20 minutes while charging time of 64 minutes.

7.AOSENMA CG035 RC Quadcopter


AOSENMA CG035 RC Quadcopter - 8 Best Drones To Buy On Banggood’s 11th Anniversary ONLY 3 DAYS


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This AOSENMA CG035 quad has two versions, respectively WiFi camera version and without camera version, so you can make a perfect choice between them according to your needs. Here is a note that the WiFi camera version comes wit 1080p HD gimbal camera. Because of the headless mode, you don’t need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying, and then you can completely enjoy the whole process. We do think that you will be fond of the feature of GPS flow positioning system which allow you to hover your drone in a spot accurately. If you are a selfie’s lover, don’t miss its smart orbit shooting mode because it can let you take perfect sefie’s picture and video around yourself successfully.

8.Eachine Wizard X220S FPV Racer

Eachine Wizard X220S - 8 Best Drones To Buy On Banggood’s 11th Anniversary ONLY 3 DAYS


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This quad focuses on flying performance, so it offers 3K carbon fiber frame kit, 4mm thickness and 15 width frame arms, new propellers, motors and ESCs to make sure every flight is guaranteed. The 800TVL HS1178 camera has been setup to work well out of the box. You need to be known that this Eachine Wizard X220S is the ARF version that comes without battery, charger, receiver and remote control.

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